Cláudia Lontra

“Art is not what you see, but what you show others.” (Edgard Degas)

“The Beatles in a very famous old song spoke about a girl with kaleidoscopic eyes, maybe even Cláudia somehow owns them.  Her work is in fact a set of images and colors, which intertwine and overlap, giving rise to a succession of visual and emotional stimuli for the observer. 

Many small details create a sophisticated and refined work. Cláudia places her work on a high aesthetic level. The viewer is totally surrounded and enveloped by details, lights, shadows, and bright colors, it seems to enter a vortex in witch of energy released by the work itself, can to twirl us.  

The artist uses the collage technique in a remarkable way, almost as if she had traveled through time and learned from the great masters such as Braque and Picasso who opened the way for this technique.  

At the same time, her art comes close to Surrealism, Claudia offers us the opportunity to take an inner journey, excluding reality from her work and including something that goes further.  A dreamlike setting in which each element has a hidden meaning and therefore has a fundamental role in reading the work.  The artist leads us to the discovery of energies and feelings, offering us the opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves questions or simply to find answers to unresolved questions.”

Vanessa Viti - Art Curator - Italy.